Sun Par for kids

Help Clients give kids a solid financial foundation with one of the strongest Par accounts in Canada 

Sun Par Protector II is a smart solution for parents or grandparents looking to provide for the next generation. It gives kids a strong financial foundation through guaranteed, lifetime protection.

Share the advantages of buying it while kids are still young.

Talk about this product with Clients who have:

  • their own life and health insurance needs covered,
  • their retirement savings plans well underway, and
  • extra funds available to protect their kids or grandkids, beyond their regular and future financial commitments.

Things to consider when recommending Par for kids:

  1. What is the coverage need?
  2. Does the solution fit the need and the budget?

Take the first steps. Use these resources, in your next Client meeting 

Use the email template to share the video with Clients and prospects and to promote Sun Par Protector II for kids.

Use this presentation during meetings to support Client conversations. It helps you explain the benefits of Sun Par Protector II for kids.

Share this video on social media, link to it from your website or play it during meetings with Clients. The video provides an overview of the benefits of buying Par while a child is young.