Banking info - PAC

To change banking information on an existing PAC arrangement for life, long term care, and critical illness insurance and accumulation annuity policies, please use the Request centre form PAC - banking information - change.

If the client has multiple PAC arrangements, complete a separate request for each.

Note: PAC withdrawals must be set up on Canadian bank accounts only. The following accounts cannot be used:

  • a line of credit account
  • a US bank account
  • credit card account

The following changes to banking information can be done by phone:

  • new bank account
  • change to another branch
  • change to another bank

You can reach us by calling our Customer Service Centre at 1-877-786-5433.

When changing PAC banking information keep in mind:

  • a minimum of 5 business days notice is required to process the change by the next withdrawal date.
  • if the PAC was processed before the banking information was changed and the PAC is returned, another withdrawal using the new banking information will be processed automatically.

if a returned payment fee is owing, the PAC payor cannot be changed until the fee is paid. Refer to PAC payor changes.