PAC notices language change

A payor can change the language of the PAC arrangement if they prefer to receive their notices in another language, or if the payor changes and their language is different from the former payor's language. English and French are the only language options available.

Note: The language change on the PAC arrangement applies to the PAC notices only. All other correspondence is in the policy contract language.

When changing the language of a PAC notice keep in mind:

  • How many PAC arrangements does the PAC payor have? If the payor has multiple PAC arrangements set up to pay the premiums on life, long term care, critical illness insurance, and accumulation annuity policies, complete a separate request for each PAC arrangement.
  • Does the language change apply to all of their PAC arrangements?
  • Does the language change apply to all of the policies on the PAC arrangement? If the language change does not apply to all policies, a new PAC arrangement must be set up for the policy with the language change.

To change the language of a PAC notice, please use the Request centre form PAC - language of notice - change.