Paramedical service providers

Which underwriting requirements should I order?

The requirements for an application are based on the client's age nearest at the time of application, and the amount of insurance requested. The underwriter may change the requirements based on their review and will notify the advisor in those cases. In the absence of this notification, refer to the age and amount charts. Some examples of these requirements are:

  • Paramedical exam
  • Blood
  • Urinalysis
  • Mature Age Focus Interview (MAFI)

There are underwriting requirements that are ordered directly by our New Business team. Some examples of these requirements are:

  • Attending Physician Statement (APS)
  • Tele-interview for a Life or Critical Illness insurance application
  • Motor Vehicle report (MVR)
  • Inspection report (IR) or Business Beneficiary report (BBR)

Which service provider company can I order underwriting requirements from?

The companies listed below are all Sun Life approved service providers. All of them meet or exceed our standards for quality, service delivery, compliance with policies and regulations, national coverage, preferred pricing, and most importantly customer care. Sun Life is committed to ensuring these standards are met and review our partnership with these contracted third parties on an ongoing basis.

You may choose any of these providers to complete the underwriting requirements. Each of these companies has a full list of the underwriting requirements and may at time seek confirmation of the requirements with our New Business team if what has been ordered does not match our charts for age, amount and product type.

Service Provider Web Address Phone
Exam One Canada 905-947-9797

Client Services no.
Dynacare Insurance Solutions




Watermark Insurance Services 905-754-6300
First Financial Underwriting Services (Cdn) Inc. 416-750-7388

Fee approval process/confirmation of requirements

Our agreements with each service provider include a list of approved services and rates. In the case that a non-listed service is ordered, or an excess fee approval is required, the service provider will contact Sun Life New Business for approval.

We also provide them with our age and amount requirements charts. If a discrepancy is noted, the service provider may also contact Sun Life New Business in order to get confirmation that the correct requirements have been ordered.

Cancellations and no shows

It is standard for companies to charge Sun Life when an order is cancelled or the customer does not show up for a scheduled appointment. If the service provider notices a pattern of repeated behavior for cancellation or no shows by a customer, the service provider will seek approval from Sun Life New Business before proceeding with any further action.

Questions or concerns

If you have a concern with the services or the service providers, please contact your new business contact directly to ensure it gets the proper attention. For any general questions, you can also speak with our new business team or send your questions to Advisor Experience Team.