Applying and underwriting RHA

The underwriting process for Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA) insurance evaluates the risk of a proposed insured person becoming dependent on another person for daily assistance. The underwriting requirements for this insurance differs from those of life insurance, (which evaluates the risk of death) and critical illness insurance (which evaluates the risk of being diagnosed with specific covered conditions).

Sun RHA is designed to provide a simple application and underwriting process. The evidence questions in the personal history section of the application help identify existing health conditions that represent the highest risk for claims.

The evidence questions cover:

  • residency,
  • height and weight,
  • any significant physical limitations, (e.g. the use of assistive devices or the need for assistance or supervision to perform an activity of daily living)
  • certain chronic health conditions (e.g. multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc.), and
  • smoking status

Only standard rates apply. There are no ratings, exclusions or modified offers. Unlike other types of insurance, smoking status does not affect the premium, but it may affect insurability.

Plan type






  • Application
  • Application
  • Memory exercise

Risk classes

  • Male
  • Female

Sun RHA was designed with a simplified application and underwriting process. When the application is received, there are only two possible outcomes: the application may either be approved or declined. When we decline an application, reconsideration of the decision is generally not possible.