Secure - Homepage

Overview of the page

While our navigation and menu items are consistent between public and secure, we’ve worked closely with users to redefine the secure homepage experience. Our previous homepage highlighted common forms and some quick links, but we wanted to surface more valuable information for our users in this new layout. 

With Suncentral, we’ve redesigned the page as tabs, with all content you need reorganized to bring you the information you need quickly. Our goal is to ensure you know in a glance what impacts your business and where you can find the tool or application most useful to you.

Some of the new tabs we’ve introduced are:

Activities and requests

More than 60% of our users visit the secure side of our site to start an eApp, check up on a client, or start a request or activity. We’ve pulled together the top links for each of those tools to ensure that the moment you enter our site, you have access to the processes you need.


Much like the public side of the site, we’ve added an Alerts tab so you can stay up to date on planned upgrades, outages, and process updates from Sun Life. The alerts are organized by severity in three different categories: 

  • Urgent alerts will contain items that are unplanned and will impact your business. Some examples include if Suncentral is down or if there’s an issue with a tool like Sun eApp or Illustrations
  • Warning alerts will be posted if there are intermittent issues with a tool or a group of users, or if there are outages or website maintenance planned for a future date
  • Information alerts are all about keeping you up to date with changes to processes, tools, forms, etc.

All alerts will be removed once the issue has been resolved or update has been rolled out.

This page allows you to see all alerts that may impact you or your business.


In the previous site, News was hard to find. We’ve introduced a News tab to allow you to see the four most recent news items. While there’s a News widget on the public homepage, more items will be available once you sign in.

To keep the news as relevant as possible, we’re archiving news articles after 90 days. 

Important information that needs to live beyond 90 days will be added to the most appropriate section of the site. For example, if there’s a product update, you’ll find the update in the appropriate product section after 90 days. 


We’ve included a Forms tab on the secure homepage and have upgraded the experience to include a few new features. 

Much like the public side, you’ll be able to sort on form number, form name, last updated date and eSign availability, but you’ll also be able to add frequently used forms as a Favourite.

Once added as a Favourite, the form will stay featured at the top of your list for future searches.

We’ve also introduced the ability to filter on categories of forms. If you’d like to see all forms related to a Beneficiary update, you can select Beneficiary from the Filter options and the list will be reduced to just those forms. 

You can also continue to search by a key word or a form number if you’re looking for a specific form.

You can also continue to search by a key word or a form number if you’re looking for a specific form.


We wanted to ensure you still had access to the webinars and events you’ve come to know and appreciate. Check out the Events tab for links into the most relevant events and webinars for you.


We’ve created a  consistent and cohesive experience for you as you submit and manage business. We’ve pulled together a list of all the tools you may need throughout your day and have put them all on the Tools tab. The tools are segmented into three categories – General, Insurance and Investments tools.


From Continuing Education and Sun Life 101 training to information about how to use the new Suncentral, we wanted to create a space that surfaced the most important items for your growth as a partner of Sun Life. On this tab, you’ll find links to the Advisor Learning Navigator where you can earn CE credits and learn more about the tools and processes.