Getting an illustration

Illustrations online

For your convenience, you can create your own illustrations using our online illustration tool. Rates are always current on the tool. For most of your sales, you don't need to contact us to get an illustration.

Payout annuity illustration tool

Illustration tool output

You'll be able to:

  • print an illustration in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat electronic file).
  • produce several versions of the illustration using the revised data you entered.

Since you can save your illustrations, you can work on them when it's convenient for you. Please remember that if you close the window or exit the illustration without saving it, your information will be lost.

Illustrations you must contact us for:

You'll still need to contact us to run illustrations in the following special cases:

  • Premiums $2 million or over on any one life (these require special rates)
  • Pension funds that have both pre- and post-legislation funds
  • Age-rated illustrations
  • Incomes that need to be integrated with CPP/OAS/QPP
  • Enhanced income rates on qualified internal money
  • Minimum income guarantees on qualified internal money

For these illustrations, call us at 1-800-800-4SUN (4786).