Clients accessing their lab results

Sun Life Clients who have given a blood sample for underwriting will be able to securely access the results of their blood profile analysis online. This is called Inside Look and is a program from our lab services provider, ExamOne.

The secure site lets Clients see their results approximately 2 weeks after providing their blood sample. The results are displayed in a simple biometric format that can be sorted by test, body system and result. The explanations are in plain language but detailed enough so the Client can share them with their doctor. If there are potentially sensitive or worrisome test results, the reporting will not be made available to the Client. Instead, their doctor will be contacted.

With this service, Sun Life Clients can take control of their health and wellness by understanding their own results.

Making it easy for Clients

The health professional from our paramedical provider will give the Client a brochure during their scheduled appointment to collect their blood sample. The brochure will give them information about the service and instructions on how to see the results online. The Client can visit the web page, register with their email address, and set up a password. When the results are available, they’ll receive an email to sign in and view the results.

For more information about Inside LookTM call 1-800-952-2350 or visit their FAQ page.