Underwriting at Sun Life

Limits are meant to be pushed.

Increased limits for non-medical underwriting means Clients can get up to $5 million in coverage, fast.

At Sun Life, we strive to be market leaders in new business and underwriting.  Having the highest non-medical limits in the industry means that up to 76% of Clients will not have to submit labs when applying for life insurance. *  

As a digital-first enterprise, our commitment is to make the insurance application and underwriting process easier and faster. You can submit applications through our Sun eApp, experience our virtual tele-interview process, and see faster results as we move to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence and predictive modelling. 

The future is bright.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Client and advisor experience. Join us on this digital journey and stay tuned as we continue to come up with fresh and innovative solutions.

  • Norm Leblond, VP, Chief Underwriter and Claims Risk Officer

*We've based this estimate on the recent volumes of life insurance applications Sun Life has received

Check out our FAQs page to learn more about predictive analytics and underwriting at Sun Life.

With our increased non-medical underwriting limits, we’re adjusting the availability of preferred rates for SunTerm.

  • Preferred rates are available for ages 41+ at $250,001 and up.
  • For ages 18-40, preferred rates remain available at $1,000,001 and up.
  • Clients applying for preferred rates will need to provide labs.
  • Preferred rates are no longer available for classes 3 or 5. They are only available for conversions.