Temporary critical illness insurance

When an application is signed, temporary insurance coverage is often available on  the insured person if they’re age 65 or less. The coverage is:

  • equal to the amount of the critical illness insurance benefit applied for,
  • up to a maximum of $500,000 per insured person, and
  • applies to all pending critical illness insurance applications with the company.

Please note the exclusions and restrictions below. A full description of the temporary insurance is included in the Application for life and/or critical illness insurance - 810-2799. More information can also be found while completing an application in Sun eApp.

Temporary insurance coverage is available if:

  • the temporary insurance questions in the application have been answered honestly,
  • all other required questions in the application have been truthfully and completely answered, and
  • a payment of one month’s premium for the base policy and any additional benefits has been made with the application.

The temporary insurance coverage provides immediate coverage.Coverage will terminate:

  • the instant the insurance applied for comes into effect
  • the day we decline the application for insurance, (we will mail a notice of the decline to the address given in the application)
  • the 90th day after the date the application for insurance was signed
  • the date the proposed owner asks us to cancel the application
  • the date the proposed owner declines our offer of insurance, or
  • the 30th day after the date the application for insurance was signed and we have not received the required identity verification and third party determination information with the application.

If there are delays with getting medical evidence and we’re unable to complete the assessment within 90 days, the temporary insurance coverage will terminate. Any premiums paid will be refunded.