Default settings

The Situation:

You’re a regular user of Sun Life Illustrations and you find yourself having to change certain settings every time you create an illustration. You would like a way for the system to start with your preferred settings each time you start a New case.

  • Launch Sun Life Illustrations and select the product for which you want to update your settings - or if you already have the product open in Sun Life Illustrations click New.
  • In the Plan DesignSpreadsheet and Report Design tabs, select all the options you would like to save as your personal default settings.
    Important! When creating your default settings we recommend that you not include any personal client information like client name, ratings, optional benefits, loans, withdrawals or the Designed for field on the report design tab.
  • Once you’ve made all your selections, at the top of the Plan Design tab, click on Default settings and select the option to Save case as default.
  • That’s all there is to it. Now every time you create a New illustration for that product, it will start with your saved settings.
  • If you want to revert back to the system default for any product, launch the desired product, click on Default settings and select the option to Restore system default.

  • The settings you save are specific to the product you are in. This means you can select a different default for each product.
  • The settings you save are only used when you create a new illustration. This is done by clicking the New button in the top menu. This is also done by launching the product from the Product selector screen. Your settings do not have any affect when you Open a saved illustration. They are also not used when you change from one product to another as some of the illustration information is carried over from the previous product to the new product selected.
  • When you Save case as a default, it saves all of the settings on the Plan Design tab, the Spreadsheet tab and the Report Design tab.
  • The default settings do not override the business card selected or the information in the business card. If you need to change the default card to another card or if you need to update any business card information, click on the option to manage business cards.
  • The saved default settings do not apply to Strategies. At this time there is no way to set default settings for Strategies.
  • The default settings currently cannot be copied from the web to the desktop or vice versa. So you would need to specify default settings separately on the desktop version and on the web version.

As noted above, when you Save case as default, it saves all of the settings on the Plan Design tab, the Spreadsheet tab and the Report Design tab. This includes the client name, the client ratings, the optional benefits selected, any loans or withdrawals specified and even the Designed for field on the report design tab.

The default setting function is very powerful, but there are things you probably don’t want to include in your defaults – such as client name and ratings. For this reason, when you want to save or modify your defaults, we recommend that you start by opening a New case, select or modify the desired settings, and then Save case as default.

If you have already set your own default settings and you want to change your settings, follow the following three steps:

Step 1. Start a new illustration by clicking the New button so you have a clean illustration to start with,
Step 2. Select the options you want to save or change,
Step 3. Save case as default again to overwrite the previous settings with your new settings.