Product not appearing on the web

The Situation:

You click on a link to Sun Life Illustrations on the web. The Product selector page appears but the only insurance product you see listed is SunTerm, you do not see the Universal life or Participating insurance products.

Understanding why:

Sun Life Illustrations is available to all advisors without the need to sign in. This means that it is also accessible by the public. Sun Life does not want to have permanent insurance products easily available for the public to illustrate because these products need an insurance professional to help explain how these products work.

The solution:

  • Option 1 - Sign in on the web version of Sun Life Illustrations. You can tell that you are not signed in by looking in the top right corner where you will see a “Sign In” button.

As long as you see the “Sign In” button, the web version of the illustration treats you like a guest user.
A guest user cannot illustrate the Universal life or Participating life products. Until you are signed in you will not be able to access cases that were previously saved on the Web version of the illustration.

  • Option 2 - Use the desktop version of Sun Life Illustrations. The Product selector page on the desktop version will always list all the Sun Life insurance products that you can illustrate even if you don’t sign in.

How to sign in:

  • Just click on the “Sign In” button. You will be presented with a new input screen in which you will be prompted to enter your “User ID” and “Password”.
  • The User ID and Password you need to enter is the same User ID and Password you regularly use when you sign in on the Sun Life advisor site.

How to install the desktop version:

You can install the desktop version by going to the Advisor site and navigating to the Sun Life Illustrations download page. You do not need to be signed in to download the illustration.

For advisors new to Sun Life:

It’s important to recognize what this means if you are a new advisor. New advisors will not be able to sign in to the illustration because you do not yet have a Sun Life advisor site ID. You will need to use the desktop version to illustrate the permanent insurance products.