Report durations

The Situation:

You are preparing an insurance illustration report but find that the illustrations is several pages long due to the lengthy tables of projected payments and values. You would like to create a shorter document to present to your client.

The Solution:

When creating Sun Life Illustration reports, the Report durations feature will allow you to specify the number of rows to display in the table of values for optional report sections.

Important: If you change the report durations, keep in mind that there may be important changes in values during years that are not displayed.

How to access the Report durations feature:

  • Launch Sun Life Illustrations and select either SunUniversalLife II, Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II, Sun Par Accelerator or Sun Critical Illness Insurance.
  • Enter the client, coverage and other illustration details in the user interface on the Plan Design
  • Navigate to the Report Design tab where you will find the Report durations feature.
  • All years will always display for tables in mandatory report sections, regardless of the Report duration Mandatory report sections are the ones that cannot be unselected from the Client report options. For example, the Policy values and Statement of variability sections in the example above are mandatory.
  • Optional report sections will be affected by the selection made in the Report durations input field. For example, the Policy taxation summary is optional. If you select this section to be in the Client report, then select something other than Show all years from the Report durations list, the table in the report will reflect your selection.

The Report durations feature is not available in the following situations:

  • Mandatory report sections.
  • Illustrations for Sun Term or Wealth products.

 How does the Report duration affect the Strategy reports and Shared Ownership report:

  • When you create the Shared Ownership strategy report (with Sun Critical Illness Insurance) or any of the Detailed reports for Asset Transfer strategy, Investment strategy or Retirement strategy, all the tables of values in the report will reflect your Report duration selection.
  • When you create any of the Summary reports for Asset Transfer strategy, Investment strategy or Retirement strategy, the Report duration selected has no effect on the number of rows that appear in the table of values.