UL and Limited pay option

Case study


Please read the Sun Life Illustrations module before completing this case study.

James has contacted you and set up a meeting. After reviewing his needs analysis, James has a permanent insurance need of $500,000.

Use Sun Life Illustrations to illustrate a SunUniversalLife II with Limited Pay Options with the following information:


  • James Smith is a 35 year old non-smoker with his birthdate of January 2, 1983.

Coverage details

  • Cost of insurance (COI) type is Limited pay – 20 years
  •  Coverage amount is $500,000


  • Payment frequency, is Monthly
  • Payment duration, is Same as COI

Optional benefits

  • Total disability waiver


We are continuously enhancing Sun Life Illustrations, therefore, the slides illustrated in this training material may differ from the software.

Creating an illustration in Sun Life Illustrations:

  1. From your desktop, double click the Sun Life Illustrations Web icon.
    The Sun Life Illustrations Home page opens.
  2. From the Start a new product illustration drop-down list, select SunUniversalLife II and then click Go.
  3. Under the Plan & client details section, enter James’s information.

        4. Under the Policy details section, From the Province drop-down list, select ON.


The Province field allows you to save the default province at the illustration level. This default at the illustration level is important to SunUniversalLife II as the province determines the deposit tax.

To set the Province default:

  1. Create a new SunUniversalLife II illustration, and leave the client information blank.
  2. Under Policy details, from the Province drop-down list, select the appropriate province.
  3. From the Default settings drop-down list, select Save current illustration as default.
  4. Click Yes to confirm.

        5. Under the Coverage details section, in the:

  • Cost of insurance (COI) type field, select Limited pay – 20 years,
  • Coverage amount field, type $500,000.

        6. Under the Payments section:

  • for Payment frequency, select Monthly,
  • for Payment duration, select Same as COI.


  • If Custom is selected, this option allows you to customize the deposits by entering multiple payment layers and by allowing you to specify a different payment duration in the To year.
  • Selecting Same as COI type, the From year and To year options are removed and the payment duration becomes the same as the Cost of insurance (COI) type. For this example, the Cost of insurance (COI) type is Limited pay – 20 years.

        7. Under the Optional benefits section, leave the default of Total disability waiver selected

        8. From the Illustration Summary, click Refresh.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the illustration, the View Report button creates a basic report with the following mandatory pages:

  • Client summary,
  • Plan summary, and
  • Important illustration notes.

You can also create a customized report. For this case study we will create a customized report.

  1. Click the Report Design
  2. For Client Report Options, select the options you want on your report.
  3. From the Report durations drop-down list, select which years you would like to see


You can set your Default Settings for the Report Design tab.

  1. Create a new illustration, and leave the client information blank.
  2. Click the Report Design
  3. Make all your selections. Any options that are greyed out are mandatory and are always included in the report.
  4. From the Default settings drop-down list, select Save current illustration as default.
  5. Click Yes to confirm.

Important: For the greyed out mandatory pages, the Report durations will always be Show all years.

        4. Click the View Client Report button.

        5. Click Open. The report opens in the Adobe Reader.

        6. From the File menu, click Save as.

        7. From the Save as PDF dialog box, under your Favorites, select Illustrations Apercus.

        8. In the File name field, give the recommended name of Firstname Lastname Product Coverage amount and then click Save and close the PDF.