Sun eApp – Tips and tricks

Sun eApp is paving the way for a better insurance application process. Check out these quick tips and tricks to ensure you’re using Sun eApp to it’s full potential!

  • We recommend using Chrome or Edge web browsers.
    • If using Chrome, please ensure that Chrome extensions are disabled.
  • Turn off your ad/pop up blockers. If they’re left on, Sun eApp may not open for you.
  • Ensure each Client who needs to sign has their own unique mobile phone number and email address. It’s required to sign remotely. This includes:
    • Insureds aged 16 and over (18 and over in QC)
    • Parent/guardian for juvenile application
    • Parent/guardian is not the owner
  • If it’s a conversion application, Sun eApp doesn’t support that yet. Please use paper application, E260.
  • If it’s an internal replacement, Sun eApp doesn’t support that yet. Please use a paper application.
  • Ask the Client(s) some questions to determine whether they may be eligible for pre-approval. This can significantly improve the cycle time of the application. 

  • If you’re submitting a new application, select the ‘new application’ button. However, if you need a special quote, select the arrow on the right side and choose ‘special quote’ from the dropdown.
  • If corporately owned, please enter the corporation first as owner.
  • When adding a Client, add each Client only once and ensure you select all involvements that apply (e.g. ‘insured’ and ‘signing officer,’ instead of trying to add each involvement separately).
  • The first Client added to Sun eApp can’t be deleted after saving. This includes their involvement(s).
  • If a Client’s involvement was not entered correctly and they are not the first Client entered, you’ll need to remove them and re-add them with their correct involvement(s).
    • Please note: Removing a Client will delete all answers previously entered for that Client.
  • If the Client will be completing a tele-interview, ask them to visit This content will help them prepare – leading to a more positive experience.
  • For backdating, Sun eApp only supports up to 90 days.
    • Par, UL, Term and Perm plans can usually be backdated up to 180 days. If you would like to backdate more than 90 days, add the request in ‘special instructions’ on the ‘Summary’ screen.
  • If there’s a connected policy submitted in a different eApp, please include the policy number in the ‘special instructions’ on the ‘Summary’ screen.

  • If the application is for UL, PAR, or Perm and you’re applying for temporary insurance, Sun eApp will require AML information. You can do this directly in Sun eApp.
  • If Corporately owned, forms 4545 and 5091 will need to be signed separately since Sun eApp doesn’t support them at the moment. 
  • If the Client qualifies for temporary insurance, you’ll be presented with the ‘Offers’ screen where you can add the temporary insurance. The ‘offers screen’ appears after the evidence section.
  • You can only unlock and edit an application up to 4 times before signing.
  • Once the application has been eSigned, it can’t be unlocked. This means edits can’t be made.
  • Applications will expire after 60 days of inactivity. They will no longer show on your dashboard once expired.
  • eSign packages expire after 7 days. If it expires and there are multiple insured, every insured will need to resign.


Contact our Advisor Experience Team. We’re here to help.