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Canada’s top advisors use 26 proven practices to manage and grow their businesses. Now, it’s your turn to practice what’s proven.

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What makes leading advisors so successful?

Sun Life commissioned a survey of top insurance and wealth advisors in 2022. We found what drives their business success. They’re using 26 practices in the areas of business management, client experience and marketing principles.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of advisors, helping them to adopt these 26 practices. Advisors overwhelmingly agree that implementing them has contributed to the success and evolution of their business.

“It’s not about tackling all 26, all at once. It’s about doing what makes sense for your business and we’ll show you how.”

– Wayne Miller, AVP, Business Development & Consulting

What are all leading advisors doing?

From the research, we can conclude there’s no single best practice every leading advisor uses to improve and grow their business. However, we can affirm there are three major principles that drive advisors’ success: Business Management, Client Experience, and Marketing.

Learn more about the following principles and redefine what success looks like for you:

Structure, run and grow your business successfully through Business Management

Business management encompasses all of the processes you use to run the operations of your business and your team. ​98% of advisors have implemented at least one business management practice, the most popular being performing annual reviews with clients with 79% actively doing so.

Build long-lasting, beneficial relationships with exceptional Client Experience

Client experience is how you connect with clients. 95% of advisors have implemented at least one client experience best practice. Most advisors would overwhelmingly agree that focusing on clients is crucial for their business, however the top proven practice of segmenting existing clients was only adopted by 69% of advisors.

Create trust and recognition with clients and prospects through effective Marketing

Marketing is how you build your brand and elevate your value. 94% of advisors have implemented at least one marketing best practice. 67% of advisors have created and can articulate their brand or value proposition, which is the most implemented marketing proven practice.

There are 23 other proven practices that are widely used amongst advisors. The average number of best practices implemented is 12, with advisors planning to incorporate three more best practices on average within the next two years.

Ready to re-define what success means for you?

Imagine being able to wake up every day knowing your business is working for you. Referrals are made regularly, you see engagement on social media, and you’re on top of your client service. Your marketing is impactful, and you know exactly where you want to be with your business in the next five years. Imagine that you are a leading advisor.

Knowing the proven practices and creating a plan to continually incorporate them into your business will help you to successfully grow it and have it work for you. Uncover the ways to access the proven practices and affiliated resources below.

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Canada’s top advisors use 26 proven practices to manage and grow their businesses. Now, it’s your turn to practice what’s proven.


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