Don't let a growing family mean shrinking wealth

A cascading insurance strategy uses life insurance to efficiently transfer wealth between generations. This strategy can mitigate risk, offer tax-advantaged growth and allow transfer of ownership and benefit payment between generations tax-free.

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Pass down the recreational property, not the taxes

Families with recreational properties often want to pass down the financial and sentimental value to their children. But proper tax planning is needed to make sure that happens. Help Clients rethink their options for keeping the recreational property in the family.

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There is no one solution

When it comes to permanent insurance, understanding a Client's wants and needs can help you elevate your advice. This overview of Par, UL and Sun Permanent Life offers an easy tool to help you match product features and options to the Client in front of you.

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Term insurance cost as an MER

The market can be unpredictable so many Clients appreciate opportunities to minimize risk. Redirecting a small portion of excess income to a term life insurance policy can be a low MER approach that allows for growth and security.

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Leaving a legacy of generosity

Canadians are generous people and often donate after-tax cash. But is this the most efficient way to give back? Explore how Canadians can donate other assets, like life insurance, to ensure they make the biggest impact.

How can you give Clients more assistance in retirement?

It’s important to plan for a longer life, and that can include rethinking what it means to be ready for retirement. See how Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA) can support Clients’ plans by helping prepare them for the cost of long-term care. 

Funding long-term care needs

As Canadians continue to live longer, many are rethinking their options for receiving care later in life. Learn about options to help Clients transfer or share the cost of needing long-term care as they age.

Which 10 pay Universal Life is best?

Many Clients prefer to pay for a universal life policy in 10 years. But does that have to mean a guaranteed 10-pay cost of insurance? With the right alternative, Clients could save money simply by growing excess cash within their policy. And the rate at which that cash needs to grow is lower than you might think.

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Rethink the yield of the Sun Par investment account

View the Sun Par Account yield values and learn why it should not be used as a predictor of the DSIR. Understand how we manage the Par Account assets to achieve our optimal mix of long-term returns and low volatility, and rethink which indicators should give you the most confidence in the illustrations you provide to Clients.

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How are you positioning UL?

One of the greatest benefits of universal life (UL) insurance is its flexibility. But if it’s not positioned well, Clients may struggle to understand it, and to make use of its full potential. Peter Sorrell, Founder and CEO of Sorrell Financial, talks with Sun Life’s Holly Diep about the advantages of UL when it’s used as part of a flexible portfolio.

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An asset in your corporate Client’s “vested” interest

Show corporate Clients and their accountants that life insurance is more than just an expense. Permanent life insurance can enhance the value of a business as a positive asset on the financial statements.

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Rethink insurance as an expense

Insurance premiums are often perceived as an expense. Does the high base premium of participating life insurance mean it is expensive? Mark Arruda addresses this common misconception in this short video.

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Financial security in retirement with payout annuities

When it comes to generating income after retirement, many Canadians are concerned about their financial security. As life expectancy continues to rise, they are worried about outliving their money. In this video, Mark Arruda discusses how Canadians can address this concern with a payout annuity.

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Which 10-pay is best?

When illustrating participating (Par) life insurance, advisors often prefer to show their clients a 10-year payment stream. But which 10-pay option is best? In this video, Mark Arruda compares 3 common options for structuring a 10-pay policy and highlights important considerations for your Clients.

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Can you increase value without asking for more money?

You can incorporate long term insurance needs into the well known strategy of an insured annuity by adding Retirement Health Assist insurance. If the client doesn’t make an RHA claim, the IRR is hardly impacted. But if a claim is required, the IRR is greatly improved by this more holistic solution.

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Reducing financial stress

Given the current stress on our economy, knowing how to protect and access your investments is becoming as important as choosing where to invest. We’ve created the following guide to help you advise Clients during these tough times.

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How many things can you buy and get all your money back in the end?

Client’s often feel they’re losing money on insurance unless they claim soon. Address this emotional concern with return of premium on death (ROPD) benefit on Sun Perm. Clients get peace of mind by knowing their insurance premiums paid will go into the pocket of their beneficiaries as well as the death benefit. Oh, and increase IRRs, too.

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Reduce passive income, reduce taxes

Holding passive investments in a corporation could lead to paying more to the tax man. Allocating a portion into permanent insurance with growing cash values could be a better solution.

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Protecting a child comes naturally

Could your Clients afford to take unpaid leave if one of their children became critically ill?

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