Applying for life and critical illness insurance

  • The Client needs to legally live in Canada to be eligible for our life insurance products.
  • You can meet with the Client using either of the following methods:

Go digital! Use our Sun eApp to apply for new business applications. Additional information, instructions, and tips and tricks, are available in the Sun eApp Checklist. You can submit conversion applications through the Application for conversion and exercising an option form, E260.

Replacement applications can be sent through:
Rapid Application (fillable) / Rapid Application (810-2815) (paper)
Application for life and/or critical illness insurance (810-2799)

Review our:

Permanent and Universal Life insurance:

To comply with anti-money laundering legislation and regulatory requirements:

  • applications completed in person (face-to-face), need verification of identity completed using the Government issued Photo ID or Dual Process methods.
  • applications completed virtually (non face-to-face), need verification of identity completed using the Dual Process method only.

Life coverage

Critical Illness coverage


Tele-interview for Life and Critical Illness

Tele-interviews can make it easier and faster to do business with Sun Life.

There are many situations where the tele-interview option can help both you and the Client. For example:

  • A tele-interview, plus the collection of vitals, can replace a paramedical.
  • It's an alternative to completing the personal evidence section of the application when there is extensive medical or lifestyle history.
  • It makes it easier for the Client to share sensitive information.

Our tele-interview team will gather information from the Client over the phone.

For more information:

  • Consent to Share: Within the application, the Client can choose whether to grant permission to share medical information with their advisor in the Consent to Share section. If the Client does not provide consent, you will not be able to use the PDF version of the settle documents posted on the secure site to settle the policy because evidence pages are not included
  • Temporary Insurance Certificate (TIC): If applicable, you need to add Temporary Insurance Coverage before you've submitted the application.
    • Please review Temporary Insurance Coverage with the Client during your meeting. You can sign the certificate and mail, fax, or e-mail a copy to the Client. Please keep a record of the exchange.
  • Review the frequently asked questions about our Sun eApp.

  • Send for eSign: You can send requests to Clients for digital signatures using Send for eSign when the application or policy is in-progress or in-force. You can find more information, and a list of forms that are available, in our Sun eApp FAQs.
  • Third party platforms: You can also use our approved digital signature platforms:
    • DocuSign
    • AdobeSign
    • OneSpan
    • iGeny

Please share the documents that you send to us with your firm. This will ensure that you and your firm have records of the business you have with Sun Life.

You can send us documents by:

  • Mail:
    Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
    227 King Street South
    PO Box 1601 Station Waterloo
    Waterloo, ON
    N2J 4C5
  • Email:
  • Fax : 1-866-693-0324

Applications are normally posted to the Advisor Site within 2 business days.

For documents related to a pending application (e.g. delivery and settle requirements):

  • Please send them through the Advisor Site to ensure they get to the right place.
  • You need to provide copies of all documents to your firm.

For paper applications

You can use these paper applications to submit new business:

Rapid Application (fillable) / Rapid Application (810-2815) (paper)
Application for life and/or critical illness insurance (810-2799)
Application to submit conversions

Meeting with Clients Non-face-to-face while using the paper application:

  • Send a copy of the application to the Client via fax, mail, or secure email link and ensure they have a printed copy available for your discussion
  • Complete the application with the Client

For Permanent and Universal Life insurance:

  • Use video chat (e.g. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime) to verify their email address and review/complete an application with the Client.
  • To comply with anti-money laundering legislation and regulatory requirements, verification of identity must be completed via video chat using the Dual Process method.
  • If you’re unable to meet with the Client via video chat, a 4355 form must be completed by an agent or mandatary for VOI and AML purposes.

For Term and Critical illness:

  • The preferred method is to meet with the Client is by video chat. In exceptional circumstances, the application can be completed over the phone.
  • The Client must sign and send the signature page of the application, the signature page of the illustration, and any other required documents back to you via fax, mail, or secure email link. You can scan and send an image of any documents that will be included in the policy page booklet (e.g. a signature page). Scanned documents must be in PDF format.
  • The scanned signature page returned by the Client will become the official record. We ask that you or your firm keep original documents. You are not currently required to submit both the scanned and original documents.
  • Ensure that the "Special Instructions" section states that the application was completed using the non face-to-face process.
  • Send the completed and signed application with any supporting documents back to your firm via fax, mail, or secure email link.