Financial planning

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Recession articles to share with Clients and prospects

 What is a recession and what does it mean for you?

The recession is technically here - what can you do right now?

November 2023

What’s on your mind? Identifying your financial concerns

A checklist to share before Client meetings to help you understand and address Client’s financial concerns.

November 2023
810-2784 Business succession planning - A guide for business owners
Designed to give business owners a better understanding of the business succession planning process.
May 2017
810-2876 Leveraging a life insurance policy
A guide for lawyers, accountants and insurance advisors, this booklet reviews several methods of accessing the cash value of an exempt life
insurance policy, including a number of third party leverage structures, with a balanced discussion of benefits and risks.
July 2017
810-2882 Business continuation planning - A guide for business owners
Discusses the need for a buy-sell agreement, and the importance of pre-arranged funding. Compares several common buy-sell structures in terms of their outcomes for deceased and surviving shareholders, including tax implications. Also covers the need for protection against the loss of a key employee.
May 2017
810-3301 Estate planning guide
Discusses the extra challenges and difficult choices faced by business owners doing estate planning; Also explains the most efficient ways to transfer the expected remainder of an estate to intended beneficiaries.
August 2016

Sharing interest in a life insurance policy - Lawyers and accountants guide

This guide addresses lawyers’ and accountants’ concerns in managing tax and legal issues with regard to the different methods of sharing interests in a life insurance policy. This includes shared ownership and shared benefit insurance arrangements. Also points out marketing opportunities for these concepts in the small business market.

August 2016