Sun Retirement Health Assist

The opportunity

It's easy to take our ability to perform day-to-day activities for granted, but this can change, especially as we age.

The level of health care and personal assistance we need, and the cost to meet these needs, will increase with age with the average Canadian experiencing 9 to 14 of the final years of their life in diminished health.*

As you build and review retirement income plans for clients, it's important to help them recognize and consider their future health care needs and the impact their choices and expectations will have on their plans.

*Statistics Canada, 2012

Long term care insurance (LTCI) solutions can help with financial protection for their plans and the means to pay for the level of care they want and expect.

Target market

The LTCI solution can fit within the financial plan of a number of different target markets. These are best segmented by the following life stages:

  • building for the future,
  • getting ready for retirement and
  • in retirement

Use the following advisor materials to become more familiar with the product details. You can use the marketing materials for clients to start the conversation and to show clients how long term care insurance works to protect their retirement plan.

Advisor materials

Marketing materials for clients

Brochures, booklets and fact sheets

Sun Retirement Health Assist (5 page product at a glance)

Overview of the product features and benefits.


Sun Retirement Health Assist - The memory exercise (1 page fact sheet) FAQ on the memory exercise which may be required for those age 60 and older.

810-4101 Long term care insurance - Helps take the risk out of your retirement plans (2 page feature sheet) - A visual representation of the changing needs in retirement, in conjunction with the five stages of care - ultimately showing how and where Sun RHA fits as a solutions.



870-3346 (Traditional Chinese)

Protection for the best possible retirement (2 page feature sheet) Helps you have the conversation with clients about the importance of long term care insurance in protecting their retirement plans.
810-3635 Comparing your health coverage solutions (2 page fact sheet) - Explains how to describe the differences between CII, DI, PHI and LTCI to clients.
Cost of long term care by province

Long term care costs (summary reports by province) - 2 page fact sheets

  • We have worked with an external service provider, Assistance Services Corporation, to bring you cost of care summary reports that will help you show your clients what they might expect to pay for care services in their home province.
  • These cost sheets outline the services available in each province, but since service availability may also vary by region, you will want to do local research to ensure that you know what costs your clients may face in the event of a long term care situation.
810-3404 Understanding long term care insurance claims - (2 page fact sheet) - Shows the chance someone will need long term care and highlights examples where Sun Life Financial has helped clients when they needed it most.
810-4081 Sun Retirement Health Assist - Client Guide (12 page guide) - Point-of-sale guide designed to help clients understand the features and benefits that may be available to them if they decide to purchase Sun Retirement Health Assist.
810-3724 LifestageCare™: Resources to help you care for yourself and your family (2 page feature sheet) - Overview of the LifestageCare™ services available to LTCI policy owners. Describes how to access the services via the website and toll-free phone number.
Articles and online resources

Send clients links to Learn & Plan

  • The Learn & Plan section of helps Clients and the general public learn about personal finance and health topics that affect their everyday lives. Sending Clients to specific articles, videos, tools or calculators, help you introduce the need to protect their retirement before you talk about solutions.

Suggested articles, videos and calculators:

Send clients a link to the long term care insurance pages on

  • can help clients gain a better understanding of long term care insurance. Send clients a link to this page to make it easier for them to prepare and feel more comfortable before meeting with you.

For clients who have consented to being contacted by secure email for this purpose, sending them an email is a fast and easy way to introduce their options for protecting their retirement and paves the way for a follow-up call.

Include links to and to give them even more helpful information.

Advisor materials

Guides, case studies and fact sheets
810-4272 10 things you need to know about Sun RHA (2 page feature sheet - PDF) Describes 10 great reasons to offer Sun RHA to clients
810-4079 Sun Retirement Health Assist - Advisor guide (31 Page Guide) - An in-depth guide to help you learn about Sun RHA, including product details, the application process, underwriting, issuing a policy, claims, and more. After you know the product the guide becomes an excellent reference to use in the future