Important Program Updates for 2024 & 2025

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Here’s what’s changing

We’re inviting members into the program on an annual basis only. Starting March 1, 2024, advisors will no longer be able to qualify into the program mid-year. However, we’ll base qualifications for the 2024 program on end of year (EOY) 2023 sales under the current qualification criteria.

We're raising our First Year Commission (FYC) criteria to align with industry standards. We’re increasing Partner and Select FYC criterion by $25K. New qualification amounts will take effect for the 2025 program based on EOY 2024 sales.

Timeline of these changes

For the 2024 program launch, the qualification criteria will not change. We’ll continue to base it on EOY sales for 2023 under the current qualification thresholds.

The increase to the FYC threshold for Partner and Select levels will take effect for the 2025 program launch. We’ll base membership on EOY sales for 2024 under the new qualification criteria.

Qualification criteria - 2024 and 2025 program

Level 2024 Program 2025 Program
Partner 50,000 total FYC 75,000 total FYC
Select 100,000 total FYC 125,000 total FYC
Premier 250,000 total FYC 250,000 total FYC

Important dates

January 1, 2024
New FYC qualification criteria for Partner and Select levels take effect in sales reporting to determine Strategic Partner Program qualifiers for 2025.

March 1, 2024
Strategic Partner Program 2024 launches. We’ll notify advisors about their qualification status based on 2023 EOY sales data (FYC + case count under the current qualification criteria). Every qualified Strategic Partner Program advisor, at the time of launch, will receive a dedicated underwriter and case manager. There will be no new monthly qualifiers after launch.

July 2024
To show our loyalty and partnership, we’re offering a one-time midyear exception into the program if you were a 2023 member. If you receive a notice of disqualification in March 2024 but meet the new FYC criteria by the end of June 2024, you’ll be granted entry into the program under the exception.

December 2024
Sun Life reviews end of year sales reports to identify advisors who qualify or disqualify for the 2025 program year based on the new FYC qualification criteria.

We understand you may have some questions. You can reach out to your Regional Sales Director to ensure you’re on track for qualification into the Strategic Partner Program in 2024.