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You work hard to grow your business and serve Clients. It’s time you’re recognized for your accomplishments.

Here are the criteria

You get access to our exceptional suite of benefits by doing business with Sun Life and meeting the following qualification criteria: case count, required first-year commission and qualifying period.

  • Five Case Count: Settle a minimum of five insurance cases throughout the year.
  • The Qualifying Period: Qualification runs from January 2, 2024 to December 29, 2024.* Program membership benefits begin at the time of program launch on March 1 of each year based on the previous year’s total sales and continue for the remainder of the program year.
  • Required First-Year Commissions (FYC): The three levels of membership – Partner, Select and Premier.
Partner Select Premier
75,000 Total FYC 125,000 Total FYC 250,000 Total FYC

1Managing general agency (MGA) principals and national account firms must approve advisors and specialists within their firms to participate in this program. Business is calculated on an individual basis only. Split cases and combined business situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Entry into program

Group qualification criteria

Groups can qualify for the Strategic Partner Program; membership level for each advisor is determined by the average of the group’s total production. This level applies equally to all members of the group. All groups not recognized in the 2024 program, excluding contracted MACs, must be approved by our Vice President, Independent Insurance Distribution to be considered for the Strategic Partner Program.

Three-year qualification criteria

You can also qualify for the 2025 Strategic Partner Program based on the average FYC you have earned during 2022, 2023 and 2024 (three-year qualification). You must have settled business in each of the three years and have settled a minimum of five cases in the most recent year.


*To qualify for the program, you must also have passed all past market conduct audits and be in good standing. In addition, you will go through a standard persistency check conducted by our Independent Insurance Distribution Risk team throughout each calendar year.

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