Individual benefit descriptions


Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Family Enterprise Canada and the Strategic Partner Program have partnered in offering our advisors the first module in the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation.

Important information:

  • This course will be held virtually and will help the participants to distinguish themselves as a business family advisor. There are 40 seats available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The course is CE accredited.
  • The course date is to be determined but will be from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST, to accommodate our west coast participants.  Further information will be shared in the coming months.
  • The course will be taught in English with live French translation available. French speaking advisors will be able to interact and ask questions in their preferred language in real time.

New Business and Underwriting Support

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Get consistent, personalized day-to-day service from a dedicated case manager and underwriter. You’ll also get:

  • A weekly portfolio review - an overview and summary of all your pending business, including identification of next steps and action items
  • Trial assessment app - to help you conduct preliminary underwriting reviews

Your Regional Sales Director will reach out to you with your personalized contact sheet. They’ll let you know when to expect your dedicated underwriter and case manager to be assigned.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

You will receive a weekly portfolio review with your case manager. This will show you exactly where your policies are at any given time.

Eligibility: Premier, Select

Get quotes quickly and easily. Preliminary underwriting assessments are available for life and critical illness insurance for Clients:

  • with known, significant health issues, 
  • who participate in hazardous sports or professions, 
  • with adverse driving records, or 
  • who frequent countries with government travel advisories.

Eligibility: Premier, Select

Extend tentative offers for life and critical illness insurance to Clients with known, significant health issues. Simply submit any available and pertinent medical information with a completed application marked as “trial” for our review.

You can use this benefit to introduce Sun Life products and solutions to more Clients. A full insurance application and underwriting are required to receive a firm offer.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

For Clients who require more extensive tests before an underwriting decision can be finalized, the EUA provides you with up to $1,000 annually to access specialized testing. A dedicated underwriter and case manager arrange for testing to take place at the Client’s convenience, in their own community, encouraging prompt completion of the underwriting process. EUA criteria and rules:

  • the policy must have an annual premium of at least $10,000.
  • cases previously submitted to other carriers and rated, postponed, or declined aren’t eligible.
  • the EUA has no cash redemption value. We allocate an amount to your account at the beginning of each year. This amount expires at the end of the calendar year and can’t be carried over into the next year.
  • only non-invasive medical tests that carry no health risk to the Client qualify for this benefit. Your dedicated underwriter makes the final decision on whether the test is appropriate for the EUA.
  • we strive to have tests completed as soon as possible at a location convenient for the Client. Ultimately, arrangements are determined by the availability of medical facilities in the Client’s community.
  • test results aren’t provided to other carriers unless we receive full reimbursement for test costs from the company in advance, as well as consent from the Client. To assist in managing a Client’s care, we can forward test results to the Client’s personal physician. These results will include a notice about obtaining our consent before releasing them to any third parties.

Practice Management

Eligibility: Premier, Select

Leading advisors stay ahead of the curve by continuously implementing and updating best practices in their businesses. Through this benefit, a Sun Life Consulting Practice Management expert will take you through a Proven Practices Opportunity Discovery to uncover which best practices you have in place and where there are opportunities to improve. They’ll provide you a scorecard of your progress against the 26 Proven Practices of Leading Advisors and personalised recommendations on where to focus based on your unique goals. They’ll provide you the support and resources you need to make improvements that help move your business forward.

Exclusively for Premier advisors, if external support is required, Sun Life will recommend agencies to support you, and pay 50% of the expense up to a total of $5,000.


  • Total project cost = $5,000. Sun Life will pay $2,500 and advisor will pay $2,500
  • Total project cost = $10,000. Sun Life will pay $5,000 and advisor will pay $5,000
  • Total project cost = $15,000. Sun Life will pay $5,000 and advisor will pay $10,000

Frequently asked questions

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Leading advisors stay ahead of the curve by continuously implementing and updating best practices in their businesses. Through this benefit, your Sales Director will take you through a Proven Practices Opportunity Discovery to uncover which best practices you have in place, and where there are opportunities to improve. They’ll provide you a scorecard of your progress against the 26 Proven Practices of Leading Advisors and access to the tools you need to make improvement that help move your business forward.

Tip: After taking advantage of this benefit, use your Express Practice Management Consultation benefit for coaching on the best practice you choose to implement.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Are you struggling to attract new prospects or manage your existing Client base? Do you need marketing assistance? Take advantage of a one-hour, one-on-one personalised consultation with a Practice Management expert from Sun Life’s Business Development team. They will help you get started or improve the way you execute a business building or marketing strategy of your choice.

Here’s some areas we can support you:

  • Branding
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Video marketing
  • Webinar marketing and planning (Webinars in a box)
  • Email marketing
  • Business planning
  • Identifying your ideal Client
  • Segmenting your Clients
  • Planning your client service model
  • Defining your Client engagement proces

Dedicated Contacts and Exclusive Resources

Eligibility: Premier

Benefit from an hour-long, one-on-one meeting with a Sun Life executive. Available to Premier advisors, the Executive experience lets you have an authentic discussion about the industry, your experience working with Sun Life and ideas you have on serving Clients better.


Name Title
Stéphane Vigneault VP, Insurance Distribution
Adele Mossman VP, Individual Operations
Candace Shaw Senior Managing Director & Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Kevin Strain President
Jacques Goulet President, SLF Canada
Robert Dumas President and CEO, Sun Life Quebec
Randy Brown CIO Sun Life and Head of Insurance Asset Management
Daniele Farinaccia SVP, Distribution and Channel Management 

Eligibility: Premier

Get tailored advice from our marketing actuary. With over 25 years experience, they can help you explain product solutions

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Regional Sales Directors and Insurance Sales Representatives are uniquely positioned to help contribute to your success. They’ll help provide business-building ideas as well as guidance on products, marketing and more. They’ll also offer expert personal service, valuable advice and an unparalleled commitment to your business activity.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Skilled tax and legal professionals are available to help you identify and design customized solutions for affluent and business Clients' needs. Directors of Advanced Planning are available for opportunity analysis, case development, consultation and to answer any of your technical questions. They are here to give you priority service and ongoing support.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Get a superior service experience at the touch of a button. Call us with your questions at 1-855-492-4777.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

This exclusive benefit entitles you to dedicated support from our in-force specialists. They’ll handle inquiries from start to finish, with a turnaround or acknowledgement time of just one business day.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

For life, critical illness and long-term care claims, your dedicated claims contact helps you and your clients effectively navigate the process, understanding both the administrative and emotional aspects of these types of claims.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Your payout annuities contact provides large case quoting services, guidance on running self-service quotes and valuable assistance throughout the new benefits process.

Eligibility: Premier

We’ve partnered with Dynacare to allow our Premier advisors to place orders for age and amount attending physician statements. You will place your order at the same time you order any other age and amount requirements. For applications $10,000,000 or more, you can place the order for the primary physician. Our Underwriting team will review the file and order any additional attending physician statements if needed. By ordering the attending physician statement upfront with the rest of the age and amount requirements, the report will be received at Sun Life faster, making for a quicker decision for the Client.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

As a Strategic Partner Program advisor, you are granted exclusive early access to sign up for our webinars, early delivery of email campaigns and more advance notice about other online offerings.

Eligibility: Premier, Select, Partner

Get guidance and support on new business from a dedicated accumulation annuity and GIC contact.