CII - Child policies

Important facts:

  • These policies are issued between the ages of 30 days and 17 years old.
  • No ratings will be applied. Policies are issued standard or declined.
  • Financial underwriting is based on the parent or owner's income.

Smoker rates:

On the policy anniversary closest to the insured person's 18th birthday, smoker rates will apply. If the insured person is a non-smoker at that time, you may apply to have them classified as a non-smoker.

If applying for non-smoker rates between the insured person’s 17th and 19th birthdays:

We need a E18B Declaration of smoking status (for pending applications only). The insured person andthe policy owner need to sign the form

If applying for non-smoker on or after the policy anniversary closest to the insured person's 19th birthday:

We’ll need an E18 Declaration of smoking status  (for changes on existing policies only)and new evidence of insurability. The insured person and the policy owner will need to sign these.

Note: no fluids are needed for under $100,000 of coverage. If $100,000 or more, urinalysis is needed.  

Rules for purchasing child critical illness insurance:

One or both parents should own critical illness insurance or disability insurance. If one or both parents do not have coverage, please explain the reason in the special instruction dialogue box of the application.

A critical illness insurance policy may be purchased for a child by a parent, legal guardian or grandparent. If the plan is purchased by a grandparent who is not the legal guardian, the grandparent can not be the benefit payee.

If a person other than a parent, grandparent or legal guardian wants to purchase a policy, the benefit payee must be the parent or legal guardian. The person paying the premium for the policy must provide details about their insurable interest.