Smoker definitions


A non-smoker has had no use of any product containing nicotine within the last 12 months.


A smoker has used any of the following within the last 12 months:

  • Cigarettes
  • e-cigarettes (when used with nicotine)
  • cigarillos
  • small or large cigars
  • pipes
  • betelnut
  • chewing tobacco
  • nicotine gum or patches
  • nicotine or tobacco in any other form.

Small cigars vs large cigars

A small cigar is defined as a cigar that contains a filter and is meant to be inhaled. A large cigar is defined as a cigar that has no filter and is not meant to be inhaled.

Frequency of usage is very important to note. We may offer non-smoker rates for a new application where the proposed insured is an occasional large cigar smoker and had a negative cotinine test (when testing is required).