Using My Team within your Suncentral profile

Your Suncentral profile is accessible on the secure Suncentral site by selecting the Profile link in the top right section of any page. On your profile page, you will see three different tabs that let you manage your access and preferences on the site:

  • My Information – edit your personal and business contact details
  • My Team – view the members of your team and who has access to sales codes
  • Communication Preferences – edit your communication and notification preferences

This job aid is about the My Team experience. If you’re looking for more information on the other profile functionalities, here are some additional job aids you can reference:

We introduced the My Team tab to give you visibility into your team – whether you’re an advisor, assistant, or part of a firm’s back office. On the chart you will see the Advisor Rep code(s) and Branch code(s) related to your block of business, or the business you support as an assistant or back-office staff.

Your view of the My Team tab is dependent on your role and relationship with Sun Life. For that reason, not all screenshots or functionality we go through below are the same for all users. With that in mind, please use this aid as a guideline, but refer to your own profile for your specific experience. 

If you need additional support with your access and what you’re seeing on the My Team tab, please reach out to  

To find your team information, select the My Team tab within your Suncentral profile.

As an advisor you can see the codes you own and who you have delegated their access to people supporting your business, you’ll see a list of those people under the heading “Who has access to my codes”.

If you have access to codes that you do not own, you’ll see a chart that shows all the codes you have been given access to. The exact view will vary depending on your role; however, the information within the chart will look similar. For example, a Marketing Assistant will see a list of the advisor’s codes they support, a back-office staff will see a list of branches or advisors they support, and an advisor will see any other advisor codes they have access to that they do not own.


You reference codes in this document – what is a code?

The code is the Advisor rep code that represents a block of business. This is the code that your team submits business under and is representative of your contract with Sun Life. The branch code is a representation of the branch you do business with at Sun Life.

If I have feedback on this experience, how do I tell you about it?

We love feedback! We love hearing about your experience – good or bad. Your feedback gives us insight into what you value (or don’t) about your Suncentral experience and we get excited about what we can enhance to make that experience better. If you have feedback for us, please feel free to use the “Feedback” button found on all pages throughout the site on the middle right-hand side of your screen.